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MillSpec Machine offers SMART-FLEX sanding system which is a brush supported flexible finger abrasive sanding strips combined with suitable grooved cylinders or discs to make the perfect sanding tool for many applications in modern woodworking. We offer a huge variety of different sanding strips and grooved cores. The system is flexiable and versatile with over 1000 possibilities to create the perfect sanding head. With our experience we will guide you to find the perfect brush sanding solution for your sanding task. The Smart-Flex System can be fitted to most existing brushing machines.

The basic principle: grooved core + sanding strips = sanding tool

Special hubs with keyways or grooves are used to hold Tampico brushes fitted with abrasive fingers or strips - to create a suitable brush sanding roller. These sanding rollers are contained within a variety of sanding and denibbing machines and used extensively around the world in the preparation and finishing process. Smart-Flex offers not only cylindrical cores, but also discs or special cores for CNC machines.

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